The world is loud.
Cut through the noise.

We bring together innovative designers, pixel perfect developers and data driven strategy to create a boutique experience at enterprise scale.

Brands who shout lose their voice. Choose to resonate.

who we are

For more than a decade we’ve helped brands move to the next level, gain clarity, and enjoy the momentum that leads to real and lasting results.

We’re ready to do the same for you.

Clarity: Align Your Team

We’ll help you strike at the root of ambiguity and dig deep into your DNA through our clarity consultations. You and your team will emerge with a renewed sense of alignment, ready to move in lockstep.

Strategy: Mobilize Your Resources

Having unearthed your core DNA, we help you define concrete steps to make your vision a reality in our strategy roadmap. You’ll have confidence that you’re doing the right things in the right sequence to engage the right people.

Branding: Engage Your Audience

Excellent creative work is nice, but it can leave you wondering whether it made an impact worthy of the expense. On the other hand, excellent creative that flows from intense clarity and detailed strategy will pay for itself many times over.

How We Work: A Case Study


"We loved seeing the internal leadership rally around deeper clarity, and seeing the brand work cohesively flow out of that clarity. Best of all, this brand is helping further advance IMB’s work to bring the Gospel to the nations."

- Justin Hunt, Brand Marketing Manager
International Mission Board

"Resonate’s knowledge of branding and marketing has been crucial in helping us establish brand equity and awareness as our business continues to grow. Their team is incredibly responsive and goes far beyond just fulfilling requests. They are a true part of our team, helping us think through all things marketing."

- Bill DeMartini, Former Director of Marketing
Belay Solutions

"Kerry Bural and his team are the masters at infusing clarity, strategy and branding into digital marketing solutions."

- Harold Harper, Senior Vice President
Family Research Council

A Few of Our Clients ...


  • DNA and Vision Foundations
  • Change Stewardship
  • Sales Stewardship
  • Team and Culture Stewardship
  • Organizational Structure Stewardship
  • Brand Narrative Development  


  • Strategic Roadmap Production
  • Tactical Planning and Orchestrating


  • Visual Identity (aka, Logo Design)
  • Creative Asset Suite
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design and Development
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Ongoing Creative Needs

How to get started with us:

1. Let’s talk. Grab a coffee and bring us up to speed on your organization.
2. Get a detailed plan for how you can take your brand to the next level.
3. Hit the ground running with clarity, strategy, and creative.


Based in Nashville, Tenn, since 2009.

"Resonate Group was a breath of fresh air for our marketing team! They made the daunting project of redesigning our logo a seamless process. They were excellent to work with from start to finish. We are eager to work on our new project with this group."

- Cristen Harper, Senior Marketing Manager
Healing Hands International

"Resonate worked with us to get exactly what we wanted and made our vision come to life. They were highly professional, efficient, talented and helpful. It was a pleasure to get to work with them!"

-Madi DeBose, Digital Fundraising Strategist
Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

"With Resonate in the mix, the environment gets instantly more creative and strategic. The yield of using Resonate is measurable results. You can't afford not to hire them."

-Devon Maddox, Trade Books Publisher LifeWay Christian Resources