Client Spotlight:

Mission Board

For more than a century, IMB has been a global leader in Christian mission. Their work among the nations represents one of the most robust missionary efforts in the 2,000 year history of Christianity. When they came to us for help with a comprehensive brand refresh, the name of the game was clarity.

We started with a deep dive...

into the ethos that has made IMB what it is, and came to the surface with one organizing value that represented the blazing center of their mission: missionary presence. With this in view, we provided a visually stunning, deeply meaningful, and truly timeless brand identity, including a new brand narrative, new mantra, new logo, new brand palette, and a complete brand launch strategy.

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"We loved seeing the internal leadership rally around deeper clarity, and seeing the brand work cohesively flow out of that clarity.  Best of all, this brand is helping further advance IMB’s work to bring the Gospel to the nations."

- Justin Hunt, Brand Marketing Manager at IMB


We spent two days with IMB’s marketing and communications team, drilling into the core DNA that has defined IMB for over a century. The fruit of that work was evident as the team latched onto the single phrase, “missionary presence,” that serves as an organizing concept for all that they seek to accomplish among the nations.


Next we developed a strategy for the IMB's public launch, which took place at their denomination's annual convention. We mapped out a strategic roadmap in our signature way to provide clear priorities and a timeline for execution.


IMB came to us with a legacy brand with broad name recognition. It was important to maintain their hard earned reputation of credibility and authority while setting them up to reach the next generation of missionaries and missions partners. Once we landed on the concept of “missionary presence,” the mark was soon to follow. We presented a few concepts and IMB rallied around the presence point, which opens up some great brand opportunities.

Brand Guides.

We prepared a robust brand guide (sample above) that we used to train IMB’s internal design team around the new brand. They were able to quickly assimilate to the new brand and push new brand assets forward internally.  

Social Galley

Social media can easily become stale or redundant. We provided IMB with a “social galley” that gives them a snapshot of how their brand can play out on social media over time. This helped shape the contours of the brand across many other assets as well.

Event Design and Production

In tandem with publicly launching IMB's new brand at the Southern Baptist Convention, we also developed the experience and designed assets for IMB's usual events at the SBC, from a custom designed 40'x40' booth in the exhibit hall to their annual Sending Celebration where 12,000+ believers gather together to celebrate and pray for the next wave of missionaries to be sent to the field. Our driving focus in every event we produce is to deliver a cohesive guest experience from start to finish, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of the brand's purpose and how they personally can get involved.