Client Spotlight:

The Journey Church

The Journey Church, located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee just east of Nashville, has been blessed with tremendous growth, mirroring the growth of the Greater Nashville area. Despite having recently launched a second campus, their steady growth since 2009 left the church quickly realizing they were again stretched at the seams. 

When The Journey Church reached four offered services per weekend, they knew they were about to exceed their bandwidth. They needed a larger space that would better facilitate the church and its many functions within the community. After much prayer and the casting of a wide net, The Journey Church located and acquired larger facilities that had formerly housed another church. The square footage and parking issues inched closer to resolution, but there would be a great deal of work required to update the space and make it functional for the people who call TJC home.

We started with a deep dive...

And that is where The Resonate Group came in. Aiming for professional grade renovation on a no-frills budget, we took cues from the church elders to provide creative direction and volunteer coordination to maximize the church’s resources, both in budget and in skills. Pairing Resonate’s gifts with those of the church community, we shaped the environment and aesthetics of the newly acquired space to facilitate a beautiful worship experience and vibrant community involvement, all pointing straight to Jesus Christ.

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“Resonate's superpower is helping us identify the right problems to solve. When it comes to environmental projects, they can enter into a space and imagine how it needs to function before it’s even designed.”

- Beth Bowman
Communications Director
The Journey Church

Asset Design for Generosity Initiative

The Journey Church took their first step towards this next phase of growth by launching a generosity initiative. We partnered with them to design assets that would communicate their vision and goal for this initiative to their people. The result? The Lord provided abundantly through His people, and they exceeded their goal!

Volunteer Coordination

Resonate created a churchwide survey to determine the willingness, availability and skill sets of volunteers to perform the labor in the renovation. Over 150 people jumped on board. Renovation “crews” and work day plans were assembled based on results of the survey.

Guest Experience Optimization

We study flow-of-traffic patterns specific to your space to best determine how to create a seamless experience for a first time visitor to go from the parking lot to the worship service and back as comfortably as possible. From parking lot volunteers to guest booths, from greeters at the doors to easy-to-spot bathroom signage, we helped think through it all to ensure guests can focus on what matters most during their time at The Journey Church.

Worship Center Update

Partnering with their team of skilled volunteers, our design and oversight touched the following areas: 
• Refinish walls • Replace flooring • Install upgraded technology and dampening panels for sound •Replace lighting
•Stage Renovation •Additional seating •Paint palettes

Key Wall Design

There were a few key accent walls that we designed, partnering with local fabricators, to showcase the brand, such as a Missions Wall and a wall that shows the path to connect, engage and serve in the church.

Wayfinding Signage

Details go a long way in welcoming a newcomer. Signage comes towards the end of an environmental project, but the best projects have bene strategically arranged to consider guest experience and flow throughout. We designed signs to walk newcomers through every element of their experience, from parking to entering the building, locating the nursery, and finding a connection center for any questions they have.