Introduction to Change Stewardship

Change is inevitable. Here we share some introductory thoughts about how to think about change in your organization. Check out the video below then click the button below the video to get the whole course via email!

Our Team

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Clarity Consultations


Get ready for some white boarding! In our 2-day intensive we'll tee up the right conversations and decision points for you to move forward with clarity. We believe that brand clarity is the unifying foundation behind all good organizational decisions and progress. You’ll learn to infuse clarity into every decision so that you’re always advancing your mission. This experience will help you hone your understanding of who you are as an organization, where you are going, and how to get there. Topics include:

Consultation Tracks Include


About Our Team

The Resonate Group has been a leader in supporting God-honoring businesses, ministries, churches, schools and nonprofits since 2009.

We believe that all work should be done with excellence to the glory of God.

Based in Nashville, we are a tight-knit team, with local and remote team members across America. We’ve cherry-picked the most creative and strategic minds we can find, and planted honest collaboration and forward thinking at the heart of our company culture.​

Our white-glove, client-forward approach ensures that our clients will not be surprised by the final results because they will have been an integral part of the process.

Kerry Bural

Founder and President

Alaina Freels

Director of Operations

Ryan Coatney

Director of Marketing and Strategy

Natalie Powell

Social Media Marketing Manager

Samantha Agee

Project Manager

Sarah Smith

Graphic Designer

Ruben Nunez

Creative Director and Website Designer

Chelsea Scott

Graphic Designer

Brandon Bural

Video Editor

Why We Care About Your Brand

We believe that all work should be done with excellence to the glory of God.

This is a core conviction for our team. Meaningful work is work that expresses God’s manifold perfections, whether it’s a perfectly grown blueberry or a hermeneutically sound sermon or a killer logo.

We believe that your brand can be a wonderful tool through which the beauty of the Gospel can be potently expressed. That is true whether you are a church, Christian nonprofit, or business that seeks to honor God through great work.

When brand is approached faithfully, it communicates who God has called you to be in such a way that it attracts the right people—the people who can best benefit from your ministry. ​

About Our Partners

In the wise words of Woodrow Wilson, “I use all the brains I have and all the brains I can borrow.” When your needs call for it, we can recommend you to our partners who specialize in departments outside our wheelhouse, such as Research or Sales, to supplement our work for greater impact across your organization.