Client Spotlight:

Healing Hands International

After over two years of partnering with agencies and designers with the goal of refreshing their visual identity, HHI came to us with a sense of urgency and discouragement that so far, none of the designs were right for their needs. Their timeline was tight, with just a few months left before they needed to launch their new identity.

What we did ...

We felt confident we could deliver what no one else could for over two years, because we are confident in our time-tested approach and stellar team of designers and project managers. First and foremost, we prioritize hearing our clients, then understanding the personal touch of their brand, and getting to the root concept so that our designs are not shots in the dark but targeted efforts towards brand cohesion. 

who we are

For more than a decade we’ve helped ministries move to the next level, gain clarity, and enjoy the momentum that leads to real and lasting results.

We’re ready to do the same for you.

“Resonate Group was a breath of fresh air for our marketing team! They made the daunting project of redesigning our logo a seamless process. They were excellent to work with from start to finish. We are eager to work on our new project with this group.”

- Cristen Harper
Senior Marketing Director
Healing Hands International

Visual Identity Refresh

A refreshed visual identity is different from a ground up visual identity development. When we are refreshing an existing identity, we ask questions like, “How can we mature and progress what has already been working?” rather than pulling out new concepts to pursue. Their leadership and audience have been so delighted with the outcome—which both captured their history as an organization and yet brings them into the future with energy and freshness that shows they are still here to serve. 

Brand Architecture

Brand hierarchy is critical when moving from a primary logo to program identities. We started by working with HHI through our Brand Architecture process to help determine hierarchy and priorities within each program, so that our designs would be both on-brand and helpful towards the larger ministry objectives.  

Program Design

We then moved to designing secondary and tertiary identities for their programs, with the goal of clearly helping their donor base understand the key ways they help the people they are called to serve.