Client Spotlight:

Preaching Coach

Dr. David Allen envisioned a ministry that would equip, encourage, and empower pastors and ministry leaders to teach and lead with clarity, competence and confidence. Preaching Coach was launched with this mission in mind.As a newly launched ministry, their team did not have the capacity to hire specialists for every category of work needed in the strategy, branding, and marketing spheres. They recognized they required an expert partner to initiate a comprehensive launch strategy, DNA-rooted brand identity, and ongoing creative and marketing services. Our partnership with Preaching Coach produced a successful ministry launch that has already served dozens of pastors and ministry leaders and is equipped to continue to do so.  

We started with a deep dive...

We staged key decision points to guide and translate their vision into an effective ministry. Our team’s combined experience in unearthing brand clarity, then developing strategy and creative deeply rooted in that clarity, made us a reliable solution for their needs. Our goal was to steward their time and investment well to set them up for continued success.

who we are

For more than a decade we’ve helped ministries move to the next level, gain clarity, and enjoy the momentum that leads to real and lasting results.

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"We loved seeing the internal leadership rally around deeper clarity, and seeing the brand work cohesively flow out of that clarity.  Best of all, this brand is helping further advance IMB’s work to bring the Gospel to the nations."

- Justin Hunt, Brand Marketing Manager at IMB

Launch Strategy

Our comprehensive launch strategy covers everything from developing the brand identity, packaging new service offerings, organizational structure and marketing to reach their objectives.

Brand Identity

We started with a visual identity (aka, a logo) that was deeply rooted in Dr. Allen’s vision and DNA for this new ministry. We wanted something that accurately represented who he is and his mentorship style, as well as appealed to his target audience of young and middle aged ministry leaders around the world. Flowing from that work, we could write website content, design and develop their website, and design a brand standards guide to ensure cohesion across all assets.

Ongoing Creative and Marketing Services

Once the foundations of a brand are laid, our team can serve as a fractional creative and marketing team for our clients. Our ongoing work for Preaching Coach includes social media management, video editing, asset design such as eBooks and other marketing materials or swag, and strategic recommendations to maintain a fresh and relevant brand.

Podcast Production

We designed their podcast visual identity as a subset of their overall brand, and we continue to do the audio editing to produce the weekly podcasts. This has been a great resource to engage ministry leaders with high value content.


We prepared a robust brand guide (sample above) that we used to train IMB’s internal design team around the new brand. They were able to quickly assimilate to the new brand and push new brand assets forward internally.  

Social Galley

Social media can easily become stale or redundant. We provided IMB with a “social galley” that gives them a snapshot of how their brand can play out on social media over time. This helped shape the contours of the brand across many other assets as well.

Trade Show Booth Design

We’ve helped them with their first two years of hosting an exhibit at their denomination’s conference, the Southern Baptist Convention. Both exhibits were a success and a great opportunity to raise support. That first year—upon seeing the brand cohesiveness and communication at the exhibit —remarked, “I can’t believe you guys launched this less than a year ago! Everything looks so professional and well-done.” Here’s to many more!