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video production


Professional Video with Unparalleled Convenience.

Step One: Get comfortable. We'll provide good coffee, great company, and all the encouragement you need to get in a groove for your time in the studio.

Step Two: Start talking. Really. That's it. We'll take care of the camera angles, the audio levels, and all the things that make content production a hassle. You can just focus on what only you can do: sharing your story with the world.

Step Three: Leave with confidence that we've got you covered. Whether you want raw footage to produce in-house, or you would like us to handle production for you, we got this. You can rest easy!


Black Magic broadcast quality 3 camera video - 6k resolution

Shure SM7V microphones for up to 4 people.

3 camera angle “switching” capability

Teleprompter Access

Live Stream capability (coming soon)

Studio Set Options

  • Single person screen sharing
  • Up to 2 people talking in front of solid black, gray or white background
  • Up to 2 people sitting in intimate nook setting
  • Up to 2 people discussing and teaching at large white board
  • Up to 2 people discussing on-screen elements standing at 65” flat screen
  • Up to 4 people discussing topics at professional podcast table
  • Teleprompter provided for up to 2 people
  • Additional people can join via Zoom and included on Apple  Studio Display in footage
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Always Included in the Price

  • Turnkey audio, video and lighting equipment
  • Resonate Production Manager to operate the equipment, so you just show up and talk to the camera
  • Access to all of our set options
  • Largest set has capacity to record a conversation with up to 4 people live, plus a single Zoom attendee if desired (more is possible but not recommended for visual clarity)
  • Total of 6 people from your team allowed in Studio at a time
  • 1 TB SSD drive and 32 GB SD card provided for your footage


  • Half Day (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) | $750
  • Full Day (9am-4pm) | $1,400
  • 2 Days (9am-4pm, consecutive days) | $2,750
  • 3 Days (9am-4pm, consecutive days) | $3,650
  • Quarterly Appointment | 10% discount off your selected duration
  • Monthly Appointment | 15% discount off your selected duration
  • Post production editing available upon request for additional rates
Lunch is not provided, but you can order food deliveries to the address.