Our Services

Consultation Process

Phase One: We drill down with you and your team to wrap our brains around who you are and what you’re all about. Think of it as “finding yourself,” but for an organization. If necessary, we help you develop or tweak your vision and mission statements.

Phase Two: We conduct a detailed proprietary “Ministry Brand Resonance Assessment” to discern how well you are resonating with your audience and community. We’re all about helping you go deeper in connecting with them and further in expanding your footprint. See it? That’s why we chose a cool name like The Resonate Group®.

Phase Three: We then evaluate your brand assets and equity such as corporate identity, web presence, marketing strategies and collateral. We also look at things like internal and external communication connection points, staff bench-strength, guest experience, environmental vibe and signage.

Phase Four: Finally, we write a detailed “Ministry Brand Resonance Strategy” that gives you a recommended path that will propel you to the next level—and beyond. Long term, this is great for you, because when your brand is carefully dialed in, it often results in serious ministry mojo.

Creative & Strategic

The Resonate Group offers services to assist you in building your brand. We are uniquely qualified to assist ministries and offer high-quality and affordable solutions to meet your needs. We’ve been shaping brands for decades and are blessed to have worked with some great ministries.

When building your brand, we employ diverse tools and current best practices to help you accomplish your ministry goals. We are relentless about quality standards and insane about details. Unlike most brand development firms, we work exclusively with ministries. It’s what we love. It’s what we know. It’s what we do best.

Strategic and creative services include:

  • Vision and mission creation
  • Corporate identity design
  • Web presence development
  • Social media development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Branding strategies and execution
  • Marketing strategies and execution
  • Public relations strategies & execution
  • Identification and way-finding signage
  • Creative direction and graphic design
  • Market and demographic research
  • Guest experience optimization
  • Environmental design

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