Kristen Cherry

Writer & Editor

I read “The Outsiders” 13 times in middle school. I marvel at the lyrics of Mary Chapin Carpenter. Always, always, I’ve been awestruck by words that evoke a thoughtful pause in the loudest room, that resonate (see what I did there?).

Absence and the heart...15 years after earning a bachelor’s degree as an English major and 10 years after the master’s degree, I leapt/left a career in public education to rejoin a road paved with words. Now I write and edit web content and marketing materials, loving every minute. My favorite part of working for The Resonate Group? The work is all for the highest good (bonus: it’s really fun).

When not hammering out copy, I’m living the dream in Nashville as mom to three girls, wife to one guy, songwriter, singer, baker, gardener, DIY-er, and whatever else God floats my way.

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