Alaina Freels

Project Coordinator

Innovative, genuine, and empowering—those are just a handful of the adjectives that make me love the Resonate team. And then there’s the work, which I love just as much. I specialize in driving business forward, wordsmithing, and asking insightful questions to foster the kind of brainstorming magic necessary for stellar creative work like what we deliver at Resonate.

I believe Christians have been given creative minds to glorify and enjoy God. In a tech-driven world, media and design is a vital part of how the church displays Christ; what an honor that we get to play a part in that! 

When I’m not playing desk jockey, I love long hikes and farmers markets. I’m a serial hobbyist—this year it is mountain biking with my husband (or attempting to) and soon, beekeeping. In the evenings, I work toward a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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