Reveal unveils strategies to illuminate membership data at your church so you can gain insight, dig deep, and lead with purpose.

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Knowing WHO you are reaching will inform and shape every aspect of your ministry. This report will give you tangible, accessible data about your local audience so you can stop your guesswork. 

Why pour time and resources into events, outreach, or other projects when you aren’t 100% sure who it is you are trying to serve? Our research and report will illuminate membership data at your church by the numbers—age groups, gender, geographic location—and compare it to the numbers in your larger community through census data, so you can gain insight, dig deep, and lead with purpose.

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After analyzing non-confidential information from your database and the community around you, we'll send you a report that deep-dives into the thinking, trends, and tips to reach the demographics both in your church and in your larger community. 

This report provides an invaluable baseline for discussions regarding how to engage and serve the people in your community.


Submit your membership data in an Excel spreadsheet format (with any confidential information stripped). All church information will be kept 100% secure at all times.

We then analyze your database for demographic data in your church community. Next, we analyze your local community's most recent census.* 

Then we compare the local demographics to those of your church community to reveal insights about how your church connects to the community around you.


*In communities with dynamic growth, there is often a "special census" that occurs in between the national census which only occurs every 10 years. For growing communities, that special census is what we use for the Reveal study. For communities hovering around the same population, our Reveal study may utilize local census information up to a decade old, depending on when the last national census occurred—but where there’s been little population change, demographics are often stable, too, so the study will still prove highly valuable.


Executive Summary Report

Supporting information provided in easy-to-read visual graphs and tables. 

“Generations Study” with valuable information about connecting with each generational metric (Boomers, Millennials, etc.).

pricing = $1,549

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