Mobilize church volunteers to serve your local community with hands-on projects.

DIY SKills assessment: mobilize your community for service

Mobilize church volunteers to serve your local community with hands-on projects. The Biblical model for a church includes serving one another, and we’ve come up with a way to make identifying those skills easier for you.

Think: sending a crew to fix a local family’s plumbing who can’t afford to hire help, or organizing community service days. You can also tap into these skills for in-house work—whether it’s a big-ticket church renovation, outdoor space beautification, or cleaning gutters for the elderly woman in your church. Whatever the project, it’s always a little sweeter if you can create service opportunities and keep costs down.

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This assessment takes your audience on a personalized journey—their initial answers will lead them to different, more tailored lines of questions. What that means: efficiency for your audience (they'll thank you for that!), and thorough results for your ministry.

You’ll be able to determine not just the untapped skills in your church volunteer-base, but also their levels of experience (Professional? DIY? Zero, but a quick learner?) and their willingness to help your ministry with hands-on projects.

And we didn’t forget about the all-important “who can deliver the snacks?” question. Because a) the more the merrier, and b) a fed volunteer is a happy volunteer.

We say “volunteers” because our experience has shown a need for ministries to further mine what is often a rich volunteer base. However, you could also use this assessment to find talent you wish to hire for projects. Just let us know when we talk and we'll update the wording in the assessment to make it right for your needs.


We'll get a video call on the books to further discuss and give you space to ask any and all questions. If you decide to move forward, we'll dig deeper with you to help us personalize this assessment for your community (i.e. is this for a church DIY renovation? A community service project? etc.). To fully personalize it, we can even add your ministry's brand to the assessment.

We'll ask you for a final review, and then we'll give you the link to share the assessment with your volunteers.


The skills teased out in this list are quite thorough for DIY projects— from laying bricks to furniture making to brewing coffee. However, this skills assessment does not include other community needs like counseling, financial planning, etc. It is project and hands-on service related only. If this assessment serves you well and you’d like one catered to other needs in your community, let’s talk.


Thorough assessment with personalized message and branding for you to send to your church community.

pricing = $2,500

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