How Resonance Happens

You know that moment when someone just “gets it” about you and your mission, and they decide to engage with you?

We call this the "Resonate Factor℠". As the Resonate Factor kicks in, the right dynamics play out and good things just happen.

When resonance happens, people want to know more about you and engage with you. The door is now open for you to relate to them.

As you relate well to them, they are drawn in and want to join your cause, volunteer to help you, and/or support you financially.

Your influence grows. You’re happy. Your team is happy. Your key stakeholders are happy. You Resonate with more people, and extend your Gospel influence and impact.

That’s how you Resonate, and it’s that simple.

Well, actually it’s not that simple to make happen, but it is that simple to get your head around and pursue. What’s simple to understand isn’t always easy to implement. Making it happen definitely requires hustle, grind and drive—and that’s where we can help.

See it? Want it? Here’s how to Resonate.

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PHASE ONE: Through our carefully developed assessment modules and video discussions, we help you discern how well you’re growing your ministry impact and resonating with those you’re trying to reach.

To jumpstart our evaluation process, we conduct our proprietary assessment modules and video calls to identify gaps in your daily communication practices, systems, processes, channels, effectiveness and resources.

We’ve carefully crafted the assessments to take thorough inventory of your current brand assets and activities, such as your identity, online presence, social media, marketing strategies, and more. We can also conduct internal and external research to gain deeper insights into who you are and how well the communities you are cultivating feel connected to you.

After the assessments and research have been conducted, we will share our findings in a written report, then discuss key takeaways in follow-up video calls.

Once we mutually understand your realities, discernment forms the backbone of our evaluation process. Evaluation leads to discussions that lead to discernment. In the discernment realm, we are able to start helping you move toward wise decisions to maximize your ministry impact.

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PHASE TWO: Our consulting intensives draw from the evaluation process with a deeper dive into your organizational DNA, mission, vision, values, and targeting.

Our innovative but time-tested, experience-driven consulting—the Resonance Immersive Intensive™—is woven beautifully throughout the process. Resonate leaders will teach you how to take the next step in advancing your ministry, and apply concepts to your unique ministry realities no matter what step you’re on now.

You’ll have a high-def picture of the why, when, and how of every task, initiative, and milestone, each designed to Resonate with your audience (which, BTW, you will define with poetic precision after working with us).

And if you trust it, your ministry will Connect with your community like never before.

These connections will lead to meaningful engagement with those you are trying to reach. They’ll get it, and they’ll know that they need it. And when they reach out to you, you’ll be ready, because at The Resonate Group®, we’re about more than just getting your name out there.

We know it’s a marathon, not a sprint; you’ve got the wind of our grit and determination at your back as you implement integrative marketing strategy and tactical execution to get you to the finish line (see Strategize below).

And with that audacious hope that got you here to begin with, unstoppable growth happens. Mission accomplished. Vision becomes real.

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PHASE THREE: The Clarity phase builds cohesion between the evaluation work we’ve done, and the strategy work we will do. To dial your ministry, we work together to distill your uniqueness, eradicate ambiguities and deepen the focus on your vision for the future.

It’s no surprise that you really are unique, and so is your vision and mission. You know it. Others know it. You also believe in your heart of hearts that more people need to know it—and you are right.

But, to connect more deeply and move people to action you must Resonate.

That’s why we’re all about helping you shape and build your Gospel-centered vision into a compelling, strategic and innovative brand that Resonates.

Through our proprietary clarity approach and infamous whiteboard exercises, we drill down with you and your team to wrap our brains around who you are and what you’re all about.

Think of it as “finding yourself,” but you won’t have to see your counselor for it to happen.

We help you answer questions like who are we, what do we actually do, why do we do what we do, and for whom do we do it? Even more importantly, why does it matter? We then summarize our findings with a reflections document and follow-up discussions.

Our goal is to help you eradicate ambiguities so that answers to your most important questions become crystal clear.

We also help you articulate what seems foggy in your communications in a way that both syncs with your vision, and engages meaningfully with your community.

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PHASE FOUR: Through a deep level of analysis, profound clarity and clear-headed focus, we help you develop your detailed, next-level strategic branding, marketing and communications objectives and tactics.

Your roots are grounded in your newfound clarity, you’re rejuvenated and raring to GO, and that’s when we bring in the strategy—tailored communications, advancement and plans with specific timetables and goals. 

To build your brand so it flourishes and draws people in on a continual basis, you will need to drive forward with intensity—or is it better labeled insanity?

We’ll help you build a production roadmap, then tap into cloud-based project tracking tools to meticulously execute the details.

Through our Resonate Strategic Brand Frameworks℠, we walk with you to infuse integrative written strategies and exceptional creativity into your workflow. We’ve stepped into your stream, learned where you currently are, and now we pour our efforts into just the right creative places.

Check out Resonate Teams to learn how we turn these strategies to realities!

PHASE FIVE: This is where we turn strategies into realities, by infusing the right ingredients and talent into your world.

Vince Lombardi wasn’t wrong when he said “hope is not a strategy,” but strategy alone doesn’t get you very far, either. You need expert execution of thoughtful and intentional creative and strategic tactics. 

We take super-knowledge of your brand identity, plus our carefully crafted strategic plan and apply five-star creative services to bring it to life.

Ideas take root as the "can we really do this?" mentality fades away, and they blossom into a vibrant future of creative elements and words that make the vision you had when you started this thing actually seem like reality. Because it is.

That’s just how we do business. Our creativity is not flippant, but straight up, thoughtful and deliberate.

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"Kerry is vital for any organization wanting to clarify their message and resonate with their audience. Kerry's experience and expertise help organizations have a competitive advantage in the changing and morphing market. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Kerry and The Resonate Group®."
Beth Bowman
executive director
The Journey Church
"When Kerry is placed into the mix the environment gets instantly more creative and strategic. The yield of using Resonate® is measurable results. You can't afford not to hire them."
devin maddox
Trade Books Publisher
LifeWay Christian Resources (B&H Publishing Group)
"We wholeheartedly recommend The Resonate Group®. They bring their ‘A game’ and combine creativity with class."
Dr. Dan DeWitt
Director, Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity
Associate Professor of Applied Theology and Apologetics
Cedarville University
"Kerry has a lot of valuable experience and knowledge that really enriched the exhibit project our team was working on. His work with our team provided not only great advice on our current project, but also equipped us with new filters to think through in future projects. Kerry was great at listening and understanding our needs, while also pushing and challenging us to bigger and better ideas. Highly recommend if you need help bringing your project to the next level."
jenny sowers
marketing project manager
Trevecca Nazarene University
"Kerry Bural did a great job leading us through a branding process for Aspen Group. As a result of his leadership, we have refreshed our brand and launched an "Inbound Marketing" strategy. We are already experiencing significant impact from both efforts. Our trust in the marketplace is growing along with revenue and backlog. Kerry was comfortable to work with and brought real IP that shifted our thinking. A great guy who brought us great results."
Ed Bahler
Chief Executive Officer
Aspen Group / FBi Buildings
"Once The Resonate Group® entered my world, everything changed for the better. Those guys are thinkers!"
tony nolan
President / National Speaker / Author
TNT Ministries
"I have a high level of respect for Kerry and the entire team at Resonate! I hired Kerry to assist me with some critical new messaging and strategy at Generis. He not only fulfilled that objective with excellence, he also helped our leadership team map out an over-arching strategic plan for executing on our vision. Kerry brought a fresh perspective with a helpful balance of creativity and practical guidance around execution. We continue to follow the road map Kerry helped develop for us and enjoy the partnership."
Steve Caton
Chief Growth Officer
"Kerry is a design, marketing and public relations expert—humble in character, focused on details and perceptive in design. Kerry is articulate, knowledgeable and on time—a leader with class, integrity and unbeatable ethics. I recommend Kerry for any art direction, public relations, coaching or difficult marketing project. Whether online, traditional or integrating the two, Kerry is Class A for the job."
Jennifer Norene
Program Manager Contractor
Harvey Nash@Microsoft
"Kerry is a generous leader. He's one of the sharpest minds in Kingdom-building I know, but Kerry isn't satisfied with simply being brilliant. He wants to give back. He wants to invest in the next generation of leaders. Kerry believes in people and wants to make lives better for all. This is a seasoned, genuine, humble leader. God can use a guy like this! And He is!"
Ron Edmondson
Chief Executive Officer / Church Leadership Consultant
Leadership Network / Mustard Seed Ministry
"Not many can think both big-picture and think about minute details. Kerry effectively does both! His creative skills, marketing acumen, attention to detail and strategic think-outside-the-box mindset helped in achieving great success in several key projects I led in my organization. Kerry genuinely cares about helping you to succeed with excellence."
Lori McDaniel
Former Church Initiatives Leader / Global Mission Catalyst
International Mission Board (IMB)
"Kerry is the epitome of an executive who leads through passion and creative ingenuity. I had the privilege of speaking with Kerry and gaining invaluable training in marketing, promotion, networking, branding and creating DNA that represents the heart of my organization. I would highly recommend partnering with The Resonate Group®."
Colleen Batchelder
Founder and CEO / Podcast Host / Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker
LOUD Summit / LOUD Conversations
"I've known of Kerry for several years. I now KNOW Kerry as one of our "go to" partners in our business. I've been impressed with Kerry since our first day of consulting with him. He took me and my team to school on "brand equity" and the power of it. Since then, both he and his quality team consistently produce responsive results in several aspects of marketing and branding for our businesses. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry and Resonate® to you. You can thank me later."
bryan miles
ceo and founder
Belay Solutions
"Resonate® has a great ability to take a vision and quickly turn it into something tangible and functional. Their work is excellent and their solutions are simple and effective. Kerry's experience and expertise have played a huge role in the development of a ministry I will be launching this fall. I have spent the past 9 months processing and practicing the valuable insight and guidance he provided during our branding session. His input positively influenced the direction of my brand."
Jessica Wolstenholm
Editorial Director / Founder / Podcaster
JellyTelly Press / Gather and Grow / Bloomtown Faith Podcast
"Kerry Bural and the team at Resonate® are experts at helping churches clarify who they are. But they don't stop there. They will help you develop a communication strategy and take it all the way to execution. A plan is no good if it never gets implemented. Kerry understands ministry and how to ask relevant questions to take you to the next level."
Randy Ongie
Chief Operations Officer / Executive Pastor
Ministry Solutions / Mountain Lake Church
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