Our goal: to equip you and your team for a successful, productive naming or renaming process.

MEGALIST: 800+ Name Ideas for Your Ministry

MEGALIST: 800+ Name Ideas for Your Ministry

How many hours have you spent agonizing over the perfect name for your ministry, knowing that if you just had a little brainstorming boost and maybe someone to remind you of all the angles to consider, you could capture the heart of your mission in one convenient moniker? 

Consider your brain boosted and your heart captured.

The “MegaList” package equips you with all the essentials to name or rename your organization—from 800+ actual name ideas to help get the creative juices flowing, to a "Vetting Matrix" worksheet to make sure you’re considering even the most nuanced questions AND the technical feasibility of your top name choices. And you get it all without paying the price of a personal consultant. Contact us now to learn more!

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Think of the “MegaList” as the team you wish you could bring in on the daily: a dozen experienced creatives to be your idea people, plus a tech consultant to help you think through domain availabilities, preliminary trademark research, social media handles, and more. That’s what’s behind this list. 

Naming your ministry is personal. No one knows your ministry like you do. But no one knows the ins and outs of choosing a name that will WORK for you—both from technical and marketing standpoints—like we do.

Our goal: to equip you and your team for a successful, productive naming or renaming process.


Once you contact us, we'll get a video call on the books so you can ask questions and learn more. Then, we'll send the MegaList and Vetting Matrix, which includes questions and considerations that are foundational to your naming process.

If you follow the process (and allow time for some solid focus sessions), you and your co-leaders will be geared up to choose a well thought-out name that suits your ministry—without any "gotchas" down the road, like discovering the Trademark was already taken or that another ministry already dominates the majority of Google’s organic search results.


The 800+ names are your creative boost, meant to ignite ideas and take you down new avenues; they’re NOT intended to be a "plug and play" solution. So if you like the name "Flourish,"—awesome. We recommend using that as a keyword concept to explore further in a way that’s personal to your ministry and that meets the criteria in the worksheet—i.e. "Flourish International.”

By working through our process and worksheets in a back-and-forth rhythm of ideation then checking your work, you’re upping your odds of landing on a name you can adopt with confidence.


Pre-work and foundational questions.

800+ name ideas.

Vetting Matrix worksheet with technical considerations.

pricing = $1,250

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