Touching Base (in a Social-Distance-Friendly Way) about Covid-19

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March 16, 2020

Would you believe us if we said we have been preparing for Covid-19 for almost 11 years?

You shouldn’t ... because that is definitely an overstatement.

However, we feel the Lord’s mercy in that we've had 11 years of experience working as an effective, virtual and remote team (and as far as we know, we were the first strategic and creative group in the Christian non-profit and church space to establish this model!).

We want to assure each of you—our valued friends, clients, partners, ministry leaders and influencers—that, by God’s grace, we are still driving all projects forward as usual (which for our team, looks like a LOT of rapid fire discussions, video meetings, sketches, yellow-tinted computer “goggles” for long hours of on-screen creative focus, coffee and well-timed GIFs).

We continue to make things happen for clients, while still keeping our team safe.

Our hearts hurt with everyone affected by the virus, those at risk and those whose livelihoods are negatively impacted at this time.

We plead to the Lord that He be gracious to us as a nation and world, while also trusting that for those in Him, the worst the virus can do is bring us to Him. So our prayers are especially for those who do not know the Lord and who may be gripped with fear at the uncertain times ahead.

We do not presume to know every detail of God’s plan. We plan, prepare and work our computer-goggles off for a robust future; but we stay both humble and flexible knowing His plans are greater than ours.

So friends, during this Covid-19 craziness, please know that we at Resonate continue doing what we do—supporting ministry leaders in expanding their Gospel influence and impact.

And what about you? How are you and your team? Your ministry and your message are vital at this time, and much impactful work can still be done through digital platforms—from engaging your communities to strategizing for the future.

If you have any questions about how you and your team can quickly respond and engage more deeply through digital mediums, please respond to this email and I’d be happy to advise. It’s also a great time to develop next level, post-crisis advancement strategies. You need to resonate. We can help.

Humanity desperately needs the hope and security only Christ can offer—and this pandemic reveals this reality more acutely than ever.

So, join us in resisting the urge to hoard toilet paper and hand sanitizer while we refocus on loving our community and living out the Gospel in how we respond to crisis—not only through what we say, but what we do.

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