Processing a Changing Future When Our Nation Reopens from Covid-19 Shutdowns

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April 22, 2020

Did you ever think you’d get so many emails about “these changing times” and actually know precisely what is meant by that vague euphemism? Did you ever imagine the world, economy, and your own job, could all change so dramatically overnight without an impending war or other obvious signs of warning?

One of the big questions we are all asking right now—how will our lives have changed after the country is reopened?

  • We hear mixed forecasts from clients, partners and friends, bouncing between “once this is over, people will be so happy to get back to 'normal' that the economic and workforce implications will disintegrate as quickly as they came.”
  • Others are more dubious, and predict a long, slow recovery and potentially years of a more remote, digital workforce.
  • Our prediction? Call us Switzerland, but we think a little of both. People will crave normalcy, social interaction and sunshine. But the workforce and rules of engagement will likely be even more digital than before.

What do these changes mean for your ministry?

  • Your team needs to be savvy on how to engage, connect and love your community through the perceived barrier of a screen.
  • If you haven’t mastered 1-1 video calls, live streaming sermons, social media engagement, and getting people’s attention above the digital noise, you would be wise to do so now.
  • You need a stronger online presence.
  • You need quality and meaningful creative assets that help reinforce your DNA, values and vibes. Like it or not, aesthetics matter even more online than in person.

What’s not changing?

  • People need excellent creative work.
  • People need men and women of integrity to partner with to pull off revamped strategies, creative production, and online engagement necessitated by these changing realities.
  • People need partners—like us—who get their ministry, understand their heart and can help them rise to these challenges and meet them head on.

What do we share?

  • Our desire to see the Gospel flourish around the planet.
  • We work our butts off just like you.
  • We too are navigating changing workplace realities.
  • We crave meaningful work.

How can we help you?

  • Our team has over a century of combined experience in successfully managing a remote team, stellar creative production, online presence optimization (check out this useful tool we created to evaluate your online presence in detail) and strategic development.
  • Contact us now and let’s talk about how we at Resonate can serve your ministry to re-strategize, re-optimize and best navigate the waters to help your ministry thrive in the future.
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