“I’m Here to Help You, What Can I Do?” And Other Stories From a Tornado Survivor

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April 22, 2020

I haven’t yet shared this openly—partly because I am a private person, and partly because I didn’t want to seem like I was asking for pity, since these have been tough times for us all.

But after various conversations with friends and clients who wish they would have known so they could be praying for us—and not to mention I often encourage ministries to share their stories when appropriate—I felt it was time to share this piece of my story.

At the beginning of March, our home and car were devastated in the Nashville tornadoes. We were in the house when it happened. By God’s grace, my wife and I heard the alerts going off just a few minutes before the tornado struck, which gave us time to wake up our son and all huddle in a closet with a twin mattress covering us.

As the tornado devastated our home around us, we prayed aloud (more like cried aloud) to our Lord Jesus, said our goodbyes to each other, and prayed for our neighbors by name.

Just when there was nothing but drywall left on the side of the house where we were sheltered, the tornado passed and everything suddenly went still.

Once we realized we were alive and uninjured, my son and I went to help our disabled neighbor who was calling out for help. She had been disabled from birth, and was unable to extract herself from her home which had just collapsed around her.

Now, this is the VERY SHORT and truncated version of the story, because there’s so much more that happened! But, I believe the Lord provided an angel to help extract her from her home.

As soon as my son and I picked our way through the debris as we worked toward her destroyed house, there was a man I’d never seen before—nor had anyone in our neighborhood—standing near her shattered window (my son tells me the man was already there, but in my memory, he showed up right after we got there) who looked us straight in the eyes and said, “I’m here to help you, what can I do?”

Now, this was only 30-60 seconds after the tornado ripped through around 12:57am, and we were the closest home to this neighbor, so it is highly unlikely that anyone else could have gotten there so quickly without the power of God behind them. This man proceeded to help me, and several other neighbors who later arrived on the scene, extract my neighbor from the debris of her home, along with the help of my son and her son. It is a job we truly could not have done alone without the aid of this mysterious man. An ambulance had arrived by the time we made it out of the collapsed home, so my neighbor was examined, cared for and taken to the hospital. Miraculously, she was unharmed!

Now, that is just one story of MANY from this whole experience.

It has not been easy—processing the trauma of a devastated neighborhood full of memories, handling insurance nightmares and experiencing real nightmares. Far worse, some families in neighborhoods near ours are grieving over lost loved ones.

I can testify that the Lord cared for my family and our neighbors that night, and continues to do so now. In some cases, He provided mysteriously; in other cases, He allowed hardships and tragedies. I won't pretend to know why. But in the story I shared, He chose to disrupt time and space and to provide tangible help in tangible ways.

We serve a powerful, mighty, gracious and loving God.

I’d love to hear your stories about God’s supernatural intervention in your lives. Please feel free to share your stories by hitting reply. Likewise, feel free to share my story of the Lord’s provision if it would touch the life of someone you know.

In grace,


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