Start this year with a challenge (because you don’t have enough already. JK.)

The challenge: When pondering your ministry plan, goal and/or strategy for this year, make one question the epitome of everything you do . . . Is this going to bring fame to my name or Jesus’ name?

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

The point?

In everything you do this year, bring more fame, recognition, credit, honor, time and people to Him. The truth is that there will be a day when your event, book, blog and website will be forgotten, but the impact of what was said, written, or done will not. The pastor, worship band, greeting team and chair set-up team won’t remember what they did on a given Sunday morning, but the man who responded to Christ for the first time during the service that Sunday . . . he will remember.

It’s a new year, new day, new semester and a new, bigger budget (we’re optimists). What are you going to do with it? How are you going to use it to point straight to Him? Because HE > I.


Are we preaching to the choir? Maybe, but even the choir needs a little reminder now and then.

People will forget our names, but His name will never be forgotten. They may forget the songs you sang, but they won’t forget who you were singing for. So exhale. Let the pressure go. He is asking for what you have. Not for perfection. 

Whether you have one talent or ten, trust that He is sovereign over your abilities and deserving of all your praise (by the way, check out this great article on the Parable of the Talents).

Give Him all you’ve got and give Him the glory. While your name may become known, focus on making His name famous.

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