Sometimes you just feel stuck. Stuck in a loop of fear or panic. Stuck in the past . . . or the future. Stuck in the now.

Here are a few ways you can break out:

1. Lock yourself in a cabin in the woods and work through it – Pray. Listen. Plan.

2. Have a focused conversation with a key person – This could be your spouse, a friend, leader or mentor. Have a clear head on what’s in your heart and share it. Be open and real.

3. Develop and write a vision/mission document – Let the vision in your heart flow onto paper. If you had zero obstacles, what would you build? Why would you build it?

4. Develop and write a strategy document – At the very least, include a conceptual framework, strategic objectives, deliverables, tactics and timelines. A great strategy will drill down on details.

5. Talk with your team and really listen Your team sees things you can’t. Cultivate an environment where they are encouraged to be gut honest. It hurts, but you will grow. Growth is good.

6. Bring in outside help – Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Call on experienced pros to help you move forward. New eyes bring fresh perspective to the table.

7. Start all over – Blow up what doesn’t seem to be working. Evaluate what you need to let go. Then, let it go.

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November 15, 2017
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