4 Secret Tips For Rocking Your Whiteboard

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January 17, 2019

At Resonate, there’s a method to our creative and strategic madness.

And today we’re giving you an exclusive peek at a Resonate secret weapon for fostering strategic, creative, and team collaboration. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes tour of our top-secret branding, marketing and communications laboratory.

Just don’t touch anything. Really.

One of our favorite tools for helping organizations resonate is the humble whiteboard. I’m sure you are using one in your office, but are you using it to its full potential?

To help you rock it on your whiteboard, here are four secret tips you can use at your next creative or strategy meeting:

1. Chase and explore all ideas—especially outrageous ones!

When we work with visionary leaders, we try to keep a keen ear on their passions and desires for their brand. That means in initial creative strategy sessions, we resist the urge to play gatekeeper with ideas and information.

A whiteboard can be an invaluable tool during initial meetings because we are able to chase ideas together. The entire team can visualize ideas that soar or fall flat at the same time.

So keep all ideas on the table—especially the crazy ones.

2. Don’t erase anything.

We mean it! Ok, at least don’t erase it until you’ve finished with the session. Check out this snapshot from a recent client whiteboard session.

(Yes, we blurred the image. You didn’t expect us to give away all our secrets, did you?)

Look at how packed it is! We resisted the urge to toss some ideas in the first round of brainstorming even though we knew some wouldn’t make round two.

Why? Because you never know how ideas will come together. Besides, great ideas are built on good ideas. Initial concepts are often the stepping stones to building meaningful strategies. So, resist the urge to clean up or eliminate ideas in the first round. It could pay off!

3. Jump-start your next meeting with a review.

Just like a blank screen, a blank whiteboard can be intimidating. Leave your previous meeting whiteboard notes on the board so everyone can glance at them quickly before the start of your next meeting.

Reviewing your ideas builds momentum for fleshing out effective strategies for your concepts.

4. Sync up.

Before you clean up, sync up. Snap shots of your whiteboard.

An image gives you an accurate representation of what was discussed and what it looked like to everyone in the room. This allows you to trace the development of your concept more effectively than taking notes.

These images from actual Resonate client sessions show the “movement” that happens when white boarding goes well.

We told you there was a method to our madness.

Do you rock whiteboards too? What are your go-to methods? We'd love to see your whiteboard madness! Send us a picture @KerryBural!

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March 29, 2018
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