27 Church Leadership Conversations to Cultivate the Giving Spirit and Optimize the Giving Season

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December 3, 2019

Note: Content generated by The Resonate Group, Inc., with contributions from Erik Ely, Sr. Generosity Strategist at Generis. 

The Giving Season is slipping down the chimney whether you’ve got cookies laid out or not. 

Rather than jumping aboard the sleigh full of hype, the Resonate team genuinely helps your church leadership discern where to focus your generosity efforts. One solid snowball packs a lot more punch than 10 handfuls of sludge.

A few simple conversations—even if the topic isn’t high on every leadership team member’s Christmas list—can trigger a domino effect leading to movement, preparedness, and ultimately, greater financial resources for your church to multiply your Gospel-impact.

So, here are 27 action-inspiring conversations to help your church leadership team focus, and subsequently, to consider having with your church community. Oh, and the sooner the better.

Mull them over, identify a few (please not all 27, to help preserve your team’s sanity!) that feel right, and then go after them with intentionality.

  1. Talk with key stakeholders and elders about the vision of the church and assess your funding plans to get there.
  2. Discuss better ways to evaluate if your church community is aware of their biblical call to generosity. 
  3. Discuss your church’s culture on a generosity continuum (0 is Scrooge; 10 is Tiny Tim). How do you shift your community toward a more vibrant culture of generosity?
  4. Consider (and describe through social media) a cause or ministry outside of your church to designate funds from your giving campaign.
  5. Reach out to your direct contacts at the organizations/partnerships you plan to help. Try to get some examples of how their donations might affect lives.
  6. Talk with the creative team about possible video assets to help reinforce generosity.
  7. Evaluate how well generosity is integrated into the worship experience.
  8. Discuss your congregation’s weekly giving patterns, and evaluate how those trends may be helpful in your planning.
  9. Resurface that team conversation about conducting a substantive church-wide generosity initiative.
  10. Discuss ways to improve both your church’s online and in-person giving experience. Are giving technologies and techniques practical, simple and accessible?
  11. How can your church make the most of this season to invest in/expand upon your current impact? How will your campaign or special project become part of your church’s story? 
  12. Reach out to Resonate and request a personalized Online Presence Eval to discover how your church’s website might be helping/hurting your community's online giving experience.
  13. Discuss generosity strategy and planning with Generis
  14. Discuss reveal, design, and communications plans with Resonate for your generosity initiative. Book an appointment now.
  15. Converse about next year’s summer slump and start pre-work preparations.
  16. Talk with your operations team about improvements in financial reporting and analytics. For a 30 day free trial to Generis’ Church Analytics, schedule a call. 
  17. Do you have follow-up plans in place? Work with leaders and tech teams to create your “Thank You” messages and your giving analysis/reports for after your campaign. Consider video, handwritten notes, etc.
  18. Reflect on what has historically been done to raise awareness about your church’s Year-End Giving campaigns—what was received positively? What worked well and what will you not repeat? 
  19. Discuss how best to engage with the Christmas spirit without commercializing the sacred.
  20. Brainstorm with your younger stakeholders about a unique hashtag you can create to engage users in your church’s specific participation in your campaign (who doesn’t love an excuse to speak in hashtag lingo?). :-)
  21. Research and compile Year-End Giving information and share with key community members.
  22. Discuss plans for a fiscal year annual financial report. Are there measures your church could take to become more fiscally accountable? 
  23. If you are giving to an outside cause, have a conversation with them about sharing news of your partnership with THEIR audience in order to grow participation/engagement.
  24. Discuss personal data and information protection and hardening of technical solutions to shield from hacking and nefarious activity in your online giving systems.
  25. Each pastor may have a strong connection with a different group of people in your church, and you want to reach all of those groups. Talk to your team about how to mobilize people within their community groups. 
  26. Research and compile estate planning information to incorporate as an option for generosity, and share with key community members.
  27. Make an announcement this coming Sunday that you will be talking about a biblical view of generosity the Sunday prior to the launch of your Year-End Giving campaign.

Thank you for checking out this list and happy giving!

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