24 Nonprofit Leadership Conversations to Cultivate the Giving Spirit and Optimize the Giving Season

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December 3, 2019

Note: Content generated by The Resonate Group, Inc., with contributions from Erik Ely, Sr. Generosity Strategist at Generis. 

Your nonprofit faces unique challenges when it comes to raising funds. Not to incite rivalry … but churches have built-in weekly gatherings and a tithe mandated by Scripture (okay, maybe some friendly competition is in good fun!). 

With the Giving Season’s sleigh bells fast approaching, how can you best raise funds for your Gospel-impact in a way that deploys your nonprofit’s leadership effectively, resonates with your community, and cultivates the Scriptural spirit of generosity?

Keep in mind, if the mere suggestion of Christmas reminds you how behind your team feels, please read the following questions purely in light of prepping for a single, impactful Year-End Giving campaign. Confucious say, “Better to throw one good Christmas party than two lame parties for Christmas and New Year’s” (he definitely did not say that ... we’re doomed to the naughty list for that one). 

So here are 24 conversational check-points to inspire action amongst your leaders and board members. Don’t feel the pressure to tackle them all, but use this list to identify weak areas, make a game plan, pursue Gospel-impact with intentionality. 

  1. Designate (and describe through social media) where funds will be allocated. Internally, and for what purpose? Or, consider giving to a local social justice ministry or partner you are supporting.
  2. If you’re giving to an outside cause, have a conversation with them about sharing news of your partnership with THEIR audience in order to grow participation/engagement.
  3. Discuss with key stakeholders and board members the future of your nonprofit, and your funding plans to achieve those goals.
  4. Discuss how to cultivate and inspire a culture of generosity within the community where you serve.
  5. Evaluate how well the biblical exhortation for generosity is integrated into your organization’s culture, website, and donor emails.
  6. Talk with the creative team about possible video assets to help reinforce giving. Perhaps share testimonies of those you’ve served? Clips of on-the-ground projects you’ve supported?
  7. Discuss ways to improve your website’s online giving experience. Are giving technologies practical, simple and accessible?
  8. Reach out to Resonate and request a personalized Online Presence Eval, to discover how your nonprofit’s website is helping/hurting your donors’ online giving experience.
  9. Discuss Generosity cultivation and campaign options with Generis.
  10. Discuss generosity communications with Resonate. Book an appointment now
  11. Discuss giving patterns in your donor base—what they are, what they mean, and how to resonate with that community at an optimal time. 
  12. Converse about next year’s summer slump and start pre-work preparations.
  13. Talk with your operations team about improvements in financial reporting.
  14. Discuss the benefits of improving your financial development analytics. Reach out to Generis about their new cloud-based analytics solution.
  15. Talk about ways in which your nonprofit could take measures to become more fiscally responsible and more accountable.
  16. Reflect on what has historically been done to raise awareness about your organization’s Year-End Giving campaigns—was it received positively? What worked well and what will you not repeat? 
  17. Do you have follow-up plans in place? Work with leaders and tech teams to create your “Thank You” messages and your giving analysis/reports for after your campaign.
  18. Discuss how best to engage with the Christmas spirit without commercializing the sacred.
  19. Discuss and implement plans for a fiscal year annual financial report.
  20. Research and compile Year-End giving information and share with key community members.
  21. Surface discussions about year-end reporting and how to improve the gathering and dissemination of information.
  22. Discuss personal data and information protection and hardening of technical solutions to shield from hacking and nefarious activity in your online giving systems. 
  23. Research and compile estate planning information as an option for generosity, and share with key community members.
  24. Consider sending out emails or social media posts about a biblical view of generosity on the week prior to your Year-End campaign.

Thank you, and may we remember the reason we do what we do as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

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