Clients Include

The Resonate Group® has a servant’s heart and passion for excellence. I highly recommend them.
Dr. Bob Jolly, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church, Cumming, GA
The Resonate Group® helped us take our logo concept to the next level with a clear, crisp, and contemporary design!
Pete Charpentier, Lead Pastor, Woodland Park Baptist Church
It is always a joy to work with you. You have the unique combination of being on the bleed edge and at the same time possess the heart of a servant of God. You stand alone.
Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Vice President for Church Ministries, Family Research Council
The Resonate Group® has a great ability to take a vision and quickly turn it into something tangible and functional. Their work is excellent and their solutions are simple and effective.
Jessica Wolstenholm, Senior Brand Manager, Creative Trust
Once The Resonate Group® entered my world, everything changed for the better. Those guys are thinkers!
Tony Nolan, Speaker and Author
We had a great day with Kerry. Like a good movie, he made us laugh, he made us think and he made me cry. I highly suggest you use him.
Jeff Chandler, Lead Pastor, SouthCrest Church
Resonate’s® passionate commitment to excellence from initial consult to product delivery strategically optimized our ministry impact.
Kate Finley, Vice President for Development, Criswell College
Kerry Bural and his team are the masters at integrating web solutions with strategy, marketing and creativity.
Harold Harper, Executive Vice President, For Faith & Family, SBC
Our project met unexpected roadblocks and The Resonate Group® was insightful, flexible and determined to resolve them. Not only are Kerry and his team professionals, they're friends.
T. Patrick Hudson, Director of Communications, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
By creatively and powerfully communicating our unique vision and mission through high-quality, affordable solutions, The Resonate Group® has become a respected and valued partner.
Kate Finley, Vice President for Development, Criswell College
Hiring Kerry was one of the smartest decisions of my career. Really. If you need a creative, thoughtful counselor, who knows marketing and branding, he and Resonate® are the right choice.
Joe Brand, Director of Institutional Advancement, Providence Christian Academy
The Resonate Group® is savvy and gifted. They understand the science and art of branding, marketing and public relations.
Lee Weeks, Associate Pastor of Missions and Evangelism, FBC Cumming, GA
We wholeheartedly recommend The Resonate Group®. They bring their ‘A game’ and combine creativity with class.
Dr. Dan DeWitt, Associate Vice President of Communications, Southern Seminary
The Resonate Group® takes customer service beyond excellent to outstanding. They came alongside and helped develop my ministry with integrity, elegance and passion.
Lyn Smith, Author & Speaker, Solid Foundations Ministry
Working with The Resonate Group® has been a joy and we will use them again. They understand us and developed an identity that perfectly reflects our ministry.
Scott Yirka, Lead Pastor, Hibernia Baptist Church
Walking with a church through needed change requires both people and branding skills. Resonate® has both.
Dr. Thomas Hatley, Lead Pastor, Global Outreach Center
Walking with a church through needed change requires both people and branding skills. Resonate® has both.
Dr. Thomas Hatley, Lead Pastor, Global Outreach Center
  • – Tony Nolan, Author & Speaker
  • – Global Outreach Center
  • – Chris Forbes, Author & Speaker
  • – Southern Seminary
  • – Immanuel Baptist Church
  • – For Faith & Family
  • – Church Initiative
  • – Midwestern Seminary
  • – Christian Values Network
  • – FBC, Cumming, GA
  • – EyeOn Creative
  • – Hibernia Baptist Church
  • – Kyros Entertainment
  • – NAMB, North American Mission Board
  • – SouthCrest Church
  • – Lyn Smith, Author & Speaker
  • – Criswell College
  • – Michael Jr., Comedian
  • – Mosaic Church, Charlotte, NC
  • – Stewardship Development Association
  • – Forsyth Family Fest
  • – The Soul Care Project
  • – Giving of Life Grant
  • – Providence Christian Academy
  • – Global Hunger Relief
  • – IMB, International Mission Board
  • – Bryan Miles, Author & Speaker
  • – MAG Bookkeeping
  • –
  • – Aspen Group
  • – Miles Advisory Group
  • – Naeem Fazal, Pastor & Speaker
  • – Paine Law Firm
  • – Terry Weaver, Author & Speaker
  • – Send North America
  • – LifeWay Christian Resources
  • – Living On The Edge with Chip Ingram
  • – Faith Assembly Church
  • – Pastor for Pastors